Doctor Gumbo Tours: Link

$55.00/person, 3 Hours

I have to admit that despite doing many food tours, this one had me skeptical. Not that I did not think the food would be delicious, but because I am not a big seafood eater. Tuna fish and shrimp is about it for me back home, but I went into this with an open mind and was not disappointed.

The variety of locations and food selections were excellent. We had everything from pralines for your sweet tooth, to beef brisket and catfish po’boys with some other traditional New Orleans fare thrown in for good measure. The tour guide was a very entertaining chap who provided a rich N.O. history on both the city as well as the food and it’s development over time.

I think any food tour is the best way to see a city. I have done many tours all over the country from those big bus things, to private guided, and many food tours so I can speak from a lot of experience…. you want to do at least one in any new city. Especially if it’s a place like New Orleans where food is a rich part of the history and culture. For the price and what is offered, the value really cannot be beat. You will leave with a head of knowledge and a full stomach.