I am in Miami every year for a conference, and I always try and take at least one food tour. I have taken this company’s Little Havana, and South Beach Tours (twice. However, I had been trying to take their Wynwood the past couple of years when in Miami, and couldn’t get in. Finally, this time around I had.

We ended up with a small group, which I always find interesting when it happens. I personally like it, as you get a more detailed food tour than walking with a large group where the guide has to corral the cats so to speak.

Below you will find our food stops:

Dr Smood Wynwood:
Avocado pesto toast

GK Bistronomie:
Mahi-mahi ceviche, Peruvian pork rolls

The Taco Stand:
Mexican Taco

Zak The Baker:
Cheese Boureka

Flavian Gelateria:
Artisan Italian Geleto

Our guide was very knowledgeable about the history and area. Additionally, I appreciated the background on the chefs, and how they source their ingredients. While I would not consider myself a ‘foodie’. It does add some background to the flavors and new experiences. Much of this food I would not eat if not on a tour, nor would I find these establishments. This is one of the reasons I love taking food tours when I travel. It is the best way to see a city!

For the cost, these are an awesome value for the quality of food you get most of the time. As a travel blogger, I do a lot of food tours around the country giving me unique perspective on what I feel are the best ways to tour a city. I think food tours are much better value than some of the other options where you speed by a neighborhood at 50 m.p.h..

While I preferred their other two tours to the Wynwood, it does not mean it was a bad tour. I simply preferred the food on the others by comparison. That being said, I have had 3 different guides and tours from this company. They run a good show.

Highly recommended!