Trouble Sleeping When You’re Far From Home? Use Binaural!

If you’re the kind of person that needs soothing sounds to fall asleep, Binaural is a great app for you. Perhaps you rely on a white noise sound machine at home to get your perfect night’s sleep. Or perhaps you’ve forgotten your earplugs and the noise outside your hotel room is keeping you up at night. Whatever the occasion, with Binaural, you can get a better sleep.

It uses beats, frequencies and vibrations to help you get a better, deeper sleep. It can also be used for meditation or relaxation, so if you’re stressed out on the airplane or in your hotel room, pop in your earbuds and connect to Binaural. Even for concentration if you have some work to get done, Binaural can be a great companion. This Apple-only app is the easiest to use of the beats generators out there. Simply choose the frequency you want, press “play,” and the app takes care of the rest.

It features a timer so that it will gently ease into a stop when you program it to do so. You can also change the colors to soothe you too for your own personal preference, to adapt to a certain environment, or even to match your current mood. Another great feature is that it also has the ability to create rain sounds. You can mix those in with the beats to soften them. This is incredibly useful for drowning out environmental noise. If you’d prefer, you can also use the rain sound all on its own to serve as a noise machine.

Binaural can be controlled through your Apple Watch too. So if you’ve decided to lay down for a spell on your hotel bed and left your phone on the desk and need to stop the app, you can do it without getting up. If you’re wearing a compatible headset, you can also control it from there. Binaural is ideal when used with some sort of headset to get the best experience.

Whether you want to generate a calming in-room environment to do some yoga before bed on your big business trip, or you’ve got a seat-mate on a long-haul international flight that won’t stop chatting, or you’re even at home and can’t sleep a wink, this app is a great tool. As most of us are overworked and over-stressed, having an app that can help our brains tune into calm is one of the best things to put on your phone, especially when it can help keep the peace while you’re awake too.