Tasting Table is a digital media company, which is focused on food and drink. They are very good at delivering food and drink in the categories of wine, cocktails, dining, cooking and food travel. If you are having your vacation planning, you need to include this in your weekend trip plans. This is because you will surely need food to maintain your health. Tasting Table is a great website you can use to get the type of food and drinks that you need. This is a great option for you especially if you are a business traveler. Tasting Tables has all sort of goodies with trustworthy reviews.

Visit their website here to get started with them. Go to travel and then click on “city guides” where you will find a list of cities you can choose. However, not all cities are listed here; so, there is a travel hack you can use if you don’t see your preferred city. The trick is that you can go to travel and then click on “articles”. From the articles page, you will see tons of cities you can click. They are always working on adding more cities. So, with time, you will find all cities.

DINE by Tasting Table

DINE is an app developed by tasting table. DINE is a curated restaurant finder, which makes it easy to find out the perfect dining destination for every situation. This app was updated to have selected restaurants included in each of the app’s eight cities by Tasting Table editors. You can survey the app to choose the perfect dining to eat.

Tasting Table’s DINE App Now on Android

Now that the app is available on Android phones, your favorite restaurant discovery app is here. It is now very easy to find tonight’s dinner spot because you now have access to the best restaurant app around. It does not matter whether you are an Android user or an iPhone user, DINE app is always available for download at Google Play store or an Apple Store. You will surely love this app because it is now possible to invite millions of people to the party.

DINE is the single app that has access to the best restaurants across nine cities. From this app, you can also get reviews from the most respected critics, food sites, and local publications. The app is so easy to use since you can search by cuisine, neighborhood, or special feature such as gluten-free, happy hour, vegetarian-friendly, etc. This will make it easy to find the perfect restaurant for your next meal. The app will show the location of your chosen restaurant on a map.

The DINE app by Tasting Table was launched in 2014 for iOS and now extends to Facebook Messenger, iMessage and even the web. You can meet people on iMessage and agree on what and where to eat. The DINE app now makes it easy to share everything from restaurant details to lists of places to visit anybody from almost any device. It includes only the restaurants you actually want to visit. The app is available for download. Download the DINE app for free and see the reason why it is the only restaurant app you need for your next budget travel.