Have you booked a flight with friends? Now that you have arrived at your destination and you have seen the sites and tour around the city, it is high time you look for somewhere to eat. But where do you want to go? The city center is full of trash, friends’ recommendation is not opening tonight, and guidebook pictures are already full of travelers! So, are you confused about where to go to a party tonight? Moreover, where are all the locals?

Here comes a solution to this problem! The PartyWithLocal is a free mobile application for iOS and Android. It makes it easy for travelers to connect with other people who want to party. However, this app has changed its name from PartyWithLocal to PartyWith in October 2017; this will make it reflect better all its use cases. The app is designed based on the idea that spending a night out anywhere is better with a local. The PartyWith is a fun and simple way to meet locals, find the best parties and make new friends when you are traveling. This app is a unique way to discover new places, see your own city with fresh eyes and to make contacts for your next trip abroad.


The app is available for download free for both iOS and Android users. It comes with different features and it combines social networking framework with the GPS location information of the phone. This makes it possible for PartyWith users the opportunity to meet and chat with other users. The PartyWith application also recommends events for users to go. This is based on a crowd-sourced model. The app is available for users over the age of 18. The community has grown to almost 500 users. Android users can go to the Google Play Store to download the app and iOS users can download the app from the iTunes app store.

How it works

After downloading the app, users log in to the app using Facebook. This is to make the collection of some basic information such as name, age, sex, location easy to fill in their profile. To enhance the user’s profile, other optional information including a biography and photos can also be added.

Users are then able to search for other travelers or locals who are nearby, chat with them and plan to meet up and party. Users can also set their status in a party format like “Let’s go for a beer” with a suggested bar or club attached to it. This status will then be broadcasted for other Partywith users to see. Plan your vacation to meet and party with locals wherever you are going.