Using Rome2rio to Plan Your Travels

For travelers looking to save money and time, there are many apps you can use. One of them is Rome2rio, a free app that can help you figure out your trip planning with multiple modes of travel. From plane to train to bus to ferry to car, Rome2rio gives you the side-by-side comparison by price for each transportation option, even with trips that involve multiple stops.

It’s very easy to use. Simply enter where you want to go from your location and you’ll get a list of transportation options along with the travel times for each plus the costs of each of these options. Before you dismiss this as yet another app to take up space on your phone, even experienced travelers can instantly discover money-saving ways to get to a destination that they weren’t aware of. For example, Rome2rio suggests alternative airports or taking a train or bus that could save you much more money over flying without taking up too much time.

The website is easiest to use, but downloading the app (available for Apple only) before you go to take along is a smart idea. Using the website to plan everything out will be the easiest way to take advantage of the time and money-saving tips from Rome2rio. It partners with,, and to help you make your reservations so you can book exactly what you need when you need it with nothing you don’t.

If you want to really have an adventure, you can keep things less specific. You don’t need to know airport codes or exact addresses. In fact, being flexible is encouraged to discover faster and cheaper ways to get somewhere because there are less limitations and more options for you to choose from.

Once the search brings back results, choose your favorite travel option. You can click on them to see more details on the travel times and how much it costs for each leg of your trip. It gives you the breakdown of every part of your trip all on one screen, making it easy for you to make a decision and not discover any surprises once you’re already on your way. For example, if it calls for a bit of walking to your hotel and you can’t walk that far, you can find another option to eliminate the walk.

For destinations that would involve flights, you get a list of airlines that run between your chosen destinations. You can search from here for specific flights to find out prices and times, all thanks to Skyscanner. You’ll be redirected when you enter travel dates, and before you secure anything, check the airline’s website to be sure you’re getting the lowest prices. You can use many other tools together to find your cheapest fare.

You can even add new destinations to the end of you trip by clicking the “+” symbol. Since it doesn’t need to be a specific address, you can pretty much enter anything. So if your destination was Paris and you’d like to see about perhaps going over to Italy, Rome2rio makes it easy to discover. You’ll find many ways you can travel between 2 places and can add on as many destinations to your trip as you see fit. This is a fabulous idea for places like Europe where you can find out how you can hop from one wine country to another on the cheap. Since the app is free, it makes for a great way to help keep to your budget when you’re off to see the world, or even see what’s local.