Get Your Out-of-Town Thrills with the Thrillist App

Admit it…you love flicking through those lists of interesting things from foods to adventures listed on Thrillist when you’re playing with your phone. Now you can download the Thrillist app for Apple or Android and take that information on the road with you anywhere you go.

Yes, there are plenty of apps that will help you find the things you’re looking for from the coolest local bars to trendy shops and bespoke eateries. But Thrillist sets itself apart by delving a bit deeper than the norm, so if you’re looking for a unique experience in the cities you visit, or even the city you live in, the Thrillist app can be a very useful tool.

If you like trying new things, this is definitely the app for you both home and away. You’ll be able to use it to find food, shopping, or beverages, and can isolate each category to find specifics. For example, if you just want to find a chill place to grab a drink after a boring work meeting in another city that’s not the dull, drab place with bad karaoke going on all night in your hotel’s lobby, you can select it to search nearby bars.

For those that like to have the typical offerings such as McDonald’s or shops that they know like big brand department stores for example, you’ll want to use different apps to help you. Thrillist is more for those that want to step out of their comfort zone and find lesser-known places to eat, shop, and drink. Once you get results from your search, you can see photos of these places and find more detailed information listed to help you make the right decision for your mood.

And here’s something else a little oddball-ish that Thrillist provides: weird arcade games! If you’re trapped at the airport because of a delayed flight, or perhaps dining out solo in a different city and have no one to talk to, you can play these arcade games via the app. Perhaps that’s not the ultimate selling point on downloading this free app, but it surely helps to have something to distract you when you’re traveling. Thrillist also allows you to save favorite destinations or share them through your social media

Just choose the city you’re interested in and you’ll be transported there through the app. It’s a useful tool to plan fun something unique before your trip. Another thing you’ll like about the Thrillist app is that if you’ve been to a city before and you want to experience it in a different way, it can help with that. Flick through the “Best Of” section too and you’re bound to find some new favorites to add to your list.