Wi-Fi Finder Makes it Easy to Never Pay for Wi-Fi When You Travel

When traveling, it’s easy to use up all your data when you’re not near a Wi-Fi hotspot. If you’re traveling abroad in particular, you don’t want to use up all that data, especially if you need to use your devices like your tablet to connect with your boss or video chat with the family back home.

Often when we travel, we might not get lucky with finding a Wi-Fi hotspot on our own. That’s why Wi-Fi Finder is such a wonderful app to help you stay connected. It can scan for the Wi-Fi hotspots near you, help you find public Wi-Fi anywhere around the world, show you the details of hotspots and even allow you to call the hotspot, get you directions, share it with others, or report a hotspot that no longer exists to better serve the Wi-Fi Finder community. You can also use it to filter your results by the location or even by the service provider. Once you get what you need, you can download it so that you can access it even when you’re offline.

One thing to keep in mind with Wi-Fi Finder is that you must be online. So if you have a tablet that is Wi-Fi only, you’re going to need to get the offline database downloaded and installed. Once you do though, you’ll find Wi-Fi anywhere with ease even if you’re not online.

Installing it is a piece of cake, then you’ll want to download the offline database. You’ll open the app and choose the Install Offline Database Link from the main screen. Once it’s installed, you can use the tool both on or offline. You’ll be able to search a specific location for access points. With this app, it helps to be as specific as possible to get the best results. Zip codes are the best way to get reliable results.

In the search, add a zip code and see what happens. The location window will open and then you can choose a pinned access point to learn more. From there, you can get the address and directions to the hotspot you choose. You can also share it to your favorites to recall it for the duration of your trip.

Other things you can do are narrow down your search results, which is very helpful when you have a screen full of pins to sift through. You can search by the type of venue, whether it is paid or free, and even by provider. Would you rather just find anything nearby? Just tap “Near Me” and it will use your GPS to find Wi-Fi hotspots closest to you. Hotspots in green have open security while red ones mean you need a password to get in.

When you rely on your devices to stay connected and get work done during your travels, Wi-Fi Finder is one of the best apps you can have on your phone to help you get everything you need done.