Trover: The Social Media App Made Just for Travelers

You might be thinking you don’t need another social media app to spend your days scrolling through. But for travelers and those who love to discover more of the world in their own backyard, Trover is a must-add-app. Free to download, it connects travelers with fellow travelers and has so many handy features, you’d better get it on your phone before your next trip.

It’s a bit like what would happen if Facebook and Pinterest had a baby. It’s a community devoted to travel and sharing experiences and tips regarding those travels. It has many benefits that can help you on your next adventure, plus it can connect you to like-minded travelers and explorers, even in your home city.

But aside from travel-related content, what makes Trover so useful for travelers?

Images only come from the original source

If you hate clicking on an image and being redirected to another site, then you’ll love Trover. When you click on the photos someone else posted, it tells you more about that destination.

And they’re geotagged

Perhaps the very best thing about Trover is that the images are geotagged. You can click a photo you like and then a map with an icon and geographic location opens up in another window. By having GPS in the app, you don’t have to open several apps at once to find the hidden gallery another user posted about on Trover. The app leads you there! Fellow Trover users leave descriptions about their photos so you can find out more to see if it appeals to you.

It lets you make lists

If you love the idea behind making those lists on Pinterest for recipes you’ve never actually made, then you’ll love it on Trover simply because in this application, it’s truly brilliant. Say you’re planning a trip to California and want to hit the best beaches on a stretch of the coast. You can compile your list from what you find on Trover and let it be your trip-planning guide.

It helps you discover other cool stuff in the area

In Trover, when you click on photos you like, along with the pertinent information about that location, you’ll see a tab at the bottom right that says “Nearby Discoveries.” If you click it, you’ll find other interesting things nearby this to keep your adventure going.

You can engage with other members

See something you like? When you click on it, perhaps you might have a question that isn’t answered in the description. You can talk to the person who uploaded the pic. Others jump in too to share their experiences and it gives the app a very tight-knit community feel.

Trover is handy whether you’re traveling or not. Use it to connect to the world around you and find something exciting not far from you!