Traveling on a Budget? Use CouchSurfing!

So many people feel like they can’t travel because they haven’t the budget. However, with sites like CouchSurfing, it’s easier than ever to travel the world without going broke. CouchSurfing is a site devoted to connecting travelers with hosts around the world. It can help you keep to your budget by giving you a free place to stay with a stranger that’s about to become your friend.

Sounds intriguing right? Well, there are a few things you’ve got to do in order to get a free place to stay when you’re in another city. First, you’ll need to make a profile. It’s best to be yourself and express your interests honestly so you can find a host that’s like-minded. You should also include a photo so people can see who you are. If you have friend that are on CouchSurfing, make sure to connect with them. This lends you credibility as a couchsurfer for any potential host.

Once you’re set up, you’ll want to surf for couches to stay on. Incidentally, not all hosts will make you sleep on the couch. They may have legitimate guest rooms or cots for you to use. You can look for hosts that are the same gender or opposite, look for families to host your family, and lots of other choices too. When searching, you’ll enter the city you want to stay in, who you’re bringing and what dates you plan to be in town. You’ll get the chance to pick the age range of the host which is a great option. For example, if you’re older, you might not want to stay with someone in their 20s who’s into partying if you’re more of a relaxed person. You’ll also want someone who can speak your language too so you can feel comfortable getting around and finding what you need.

One of the most important things though is that you should make sure whichever hosts you contact have 5 or more friends or references for your safety. Anyone with less should raise a red flag. Also, anyone with negative references should be taken very seriously. CouchSurfing has a section on safety to ensure you can have a great time meeting new people around the world by crashing out on their couches without fear.

Other bits to think about are things like allergies. If you can’t stop sneezing around cats, don’t stay with a host that has cats. You should also contact more than one potential host. Around 10 is a good number. Some will not respond while others will. If you get more than one offer, you can then choose which person you feel most comfortable with.

Don’t forget to be a good guest when you stay with your host. Pick up after yourself, get to know your host, and get to know their city. Plenty of people do this every time they travel and never pay for accommodations. If you like meeting new people wherever you go, CouchSurfing is a fantastic way to save money and make new friends.