Different Artificial Intelligence personal assistants have become useful and popular over the last few years. Some applications including Siri, Ok Google, Bixby, and Cortana make it possible for people to easily make use of their mobile devices for daily routines as well as travel tips. Do you want to know how these functions as a personal tour guide? Well, the AI assistants receive external data such as GPS readings, visually defined markers, movement, voice, and light, among others through the hardware’s sensors for further processing. The phone then takes it from there to function accordingly.

Long ago, the creation of an AI assistant was a small constituent of developers’ capacities; it is, however, a realistic objective even for learner programmers. To get your own personal AI tour guide, you simply need dedicated software and up to an hour of working time. To come up with a more advanced and conceptually innovative, you will need more time, though.

You can make use of your Smartphone to create your personal AI tour guide. It has an artificially intelligent assistant that can perform almost any fact on demand; from the number of bananas in a loaf of banana bread to the capital of France. This AI, however, does much more than answering random trivia questions. It can also help you organize your life, control smart gadgets, adjust your phone’s settings, play music, and more.

This travel hack will focus more on the use of Siri on iOS and Google Assistant on Android. However, some other AI assistants including Microsoft’s Cortana for iOS and Android and Bixby for Samsung phones offer similar abilities. For the Amazon Alexa apps for iOS and Android, you will need a smart speaker to take full benefit of its capabilities.

Siri – This Apple Inc.’s cloud software can help you create a personal tour guide; this is because it can answer users’ various questions and give recommendations through its voice processing mechanisms. Siri studies the user’s’ preferences (in accordance with the contextual advertising) to provide a detail with an entirely individual approach. You will never get lost if you use this feature to create your own personal AI tour guide.

Ok, Google – This is an Android-based voice recognition application. It is launched when users utter commands to open it. This software, however, features very advanced functions such as route optimization, web search, memo scheduling and others that can communally help users solve a wide array of daily tasks and guide them along their travel route. The inventors of Ok Google offer Google Voice Interaction API. This feature can become a necessary tool in the development of mobile applications for the Android OS.

Cortana – This is a virtual intelligent assistant, which also has the function of voice recognition and AI elements. This app was developed for platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, and XBox One. Cortana can help users predict their wants and needs based on their e-mails, search requests, etc. however, Cortana has a great sense of humor such as singing, making jokes and speak to users informally.

Amazon Echo – This combines hardware and software that can help with scheduling of upcoming tasks, search the web, and play various sound files based on voice recognition. With a small speaker and sound sensors, you can activate this feature by exclaiming “Alex.”

Bixby – This is Samsung’s application and it has successfully implemented the AI concept.  Based on interests and habits, it also builds a unique user approach. Bixby makes use of the camera to identify images based on the markers and GPS. It features advanced voice recognition mechanisms.

Tensorflow – This is a library created by Google. It has the open source code and it can be utilized during the development of AIA. It builds artificial neural network graphs automatically and implements complex memorizing algorithms. These are based on individual user interaction as well as a present database. This process is called “deep machine learning.” One disadvantage of Tensorflow is that it is too advanced for beginners to understand.

The rest of the AI tour guides almost follow the same pattern. You can use any of them to create your own personal AI tour guide. Add them to your vacation planning tips and travel the world with ease.