For the solo traveler, seeing the world is an enriching experience. But it can get lonely sometimes when you’re in a new city. People-watching is fun but it’s nice to have a conversation with someone over a meal, isn’t it? Eatwith can help with that by connecting you with locals over food in your next destination, or even in your hometown.

This community of foodies helps you enjoy authentic food experiences with locals in over 130 different countries. Jetting off to Paris? Why not use Eatwith to find an elegant Parisian dinner party to join? In Tokyo and want to learn how to make sushi with the locals? Use Eatwith to connect with the right people to make it happen.

You can find like-minded foodies anywhere you go by using Eatwith. Hosts are all hand-selected so you won’t find someone who serves you cold hot dogs without buns when they welcome you into your home. You’ll always be connected to real food enthusiasts that have a passion for cooking and sharing their cuisine and culture. After all, the best way to discover a new culture is to taste it!

Whatever you’ll like, you’ll find it from wine and cheese tastings to making homemade pasta, and beyond. All you need to do is choose your destination or type of experience. You can also choose by host. Then select the dates and the number of guests and see what’s available. You can also scroll down the page to find fascinating Eatwith hosts and their offerings too.

Once you’ve found one that you like, select “Request to Book.” This doesn’t mean you’re locked in just yet. The host will have to contact you to confirm. There is no charge to you until your host accepts, and you can cancel your request at any time.

Another cool option is to join a food tour with your host. This local can take you to places like local markets, gourmet shops, artisan shops, and more. Samplings these little delights with your host will connect you with your surrounding and give you the chance to explore more with your taste buds while making new buds.

Since all hosts are properly vetted, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your time. Your host can tell you about their food experience, teach you how to cook a certain dish, or simply make exploring the culture of the location through food more fun. Don’t forget to share your experience with Eatwith. Everyone loves food photos on Instagram and perhaps the pasta you handmade with your host in Italy will become Insta-famous when you add your “#eatwith” hashtag.

Once you try Eatwith, you’ll want to use it wherever you go. If you find events in your own city, you can explore and make new friends, and perhaps new companions to join you in your future travels!