If you are planing a vacation or trip to many of the major cities you should research to see if there are any discount “city pass” or alike offered. The savings you get on some of these are huge off the rack rate, and you get a much better value for the money!

Like many, I did not know about these for a few years into my traveling. I was just traveling the way most do, and simply was not researching or planning enough in advance for a new town, often times booking a couple of weeks ahead and then getting hit with the highest prices possible making most vacations, for two people, $3-5000.00 no matter where I went.

However, once I decided to vacation or travel more than I had been doing,  I began doing better research and pre-planning where I had found these CityPass’s were available in the major places I wanted to go and attractions. Again, putting things into a spreadsheet before and after a trip helped me identify the waste, more over, compare rack rates to discount plans as well.


This company offers some of the following locations

New York City
San Francisco
Southern California
Tampa Bay

I have visited some of these places, and many others are on my “bucket list” of places I want to visit in the next couple of years. If you look at their website and list of attractions, many are the top things most people will do while visiting any town. I can honestly say, I have yet to make it to EVERY attraction on the list no matter how many days (I normally will do 3-5) I have done on a CityPass.

Go City Card:

This is another one I have used, and was happy with the value and savings.

Las Vegas
Los Angeles
New York
San Antonio
San Diego
Washington D.C.

All California
All Florida

As you can see, there are some different cities and attractions provided between them depending on what you are looking to do while in the city, one may be better for you than the other.

These two above are just two companies that I have used personally. I assure you there are additional offerings out there, so you will want to research any major city or region during you vacation planning to see if something is available. I have also used the New Orleans Power Pass as well, however it seems they are not affiliated with the above companies.

Terms & Restrictions:

One thing you will want to make note of are the terms listed on your voucher for the different activities listed. For example, some attractions, such as Universal, will only be covered by the pass on a weekday versus the weekend. Others may require to you call and book ahead versus just showing up. Each ‘pass’ is a little different on their rules or restrictions, so do your homework!

No matter where your travels are headed, if it’s a major city, there is probably a “city pass” or something to that effect offered. Considering it saves you over 50% on the whole off of those rack rates, it really is worth the purchase if you are planning to do most of the things listed.