Staying Powered: Your Outlet for Charging Anything, Anywhere

Planning well is the key to any trip for business or pleasure. You might think you’ve got all the travel necessities you need, but we can assure you that you’re missing one key item that will solve all your charging problems in a snap: the power strip!

Why is it so handy? There are numerous reasons this will be a useful tool in your carry-on!

Lack of outlets

Airports are notorious for a lack of available outlets. These days, most of us have much more than just a smartphone to charge up. We need our laptops and tablets too. You can charge them all at once with room to spare, which means you can be gracious and share your extra outlets on your power strip with a fellow traveler and make a new friend.

No need for ton of cords

In a pinch when you’re packing, have you ever forgotten an adapter you needed? Nothing is more frustrating. Plus, if you’re visiting another country, your adapter might not work because of the voltage. Voltage in the US is 110 volts while in most other countries it range from 200 to 250 volts. Using a power strip can eliminate the need to carry extra adapters, meaning you only have one thing to pack to keep powered up anywhere.

They can handle other voltages

Many power strips or power boards are capable of working with different voltages. Don’t just yank the power strip from your wall at home. If you’re a frequent traveler, get one that can support all voltages. If you’re unsure, simply look for one that can support 250 volts. It will still work even at home in the US.

USB ports

One of the best things about these newer power strips is they offer USB ports so you can save the outlets for things like your laptop or hairdryer. You can directly plug your phone in without the adapter portion of the cord which makes life so much easier.

And it’s not just in the airports too. Once you get to your hotel, your guest room might not have as many power outlets as you need, or they may be inconveniently placed. Having a proper travel power strip eliminates that problem instantly.

You can find a variety of these types of power strips on Amazon at all different price points to suit your budget, but it’s definitely worth the investment. Nothing is worse than not having a place to charge up your devices and finding yourself swimming in radio silence. Keep that from happening by using this brilliant travel hack!