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"Tomorrow is Promised to No One"

That has been a catch phrase that has defined my life as a child having my parents taken in my early years. You see the world from a different perspective where there simply is, 'never enough time' and it drives you internally whether you want it too or not.

One morning, BOOM, you realize that you're 45 and life is two thirds over. It may have been when your last child is out the door at 18, changed jobs, or had a marriage/divorce putting you at the crossroads for 'what's next'?

Hello, my name is Chris. Thank you for stopping by my travel blog. My passion for travel keeps my on the road a couple of weeks per month. I love to help people out with my reviews and experiences to INSPIRE them to join me out in the world. In a few years time, I have penned over 900+ TripAdvisor reviews of my travel experiences, gaining 800,000 readers! With hundreds of helpful votes along the way, it keeps me motivated to help others.

My goal with this website is to INSPIRE you to move those retirement and "I have a dream" vacations from the back to the front burner and get out there gaining new life experience.

Not everyone wants to travel the world, which is good news. There is plenty of life experience hiding in your own backyard. Whether you are an international traveler, or a weekend road-tripper, my goal here is to INSPIRE you to get out and see the world!